Work Package 4: Strategic development and Education

Work Package Leaders: Daniela Jacob (GERICS) and Mojib Latif (GEOMAR)

The objective of this work package is to set up and carry out a strategic process that will result in a long-term Earth system modelling strategy as well as an implementation plan for Earth system modelling activities in the next round of programme-oriented research (PoF-IV). Furthermore, it is envisaged to establish an educational component, which will contribute to training of the next-generation of Earth system modellers.


  • Task 4.1: Development of an Earth system modelling strategy (2020–2040)

Team Leaders: Daniela Jacob (GERICS) and Thomas Jung (AWI)

  • Task 4.2: Development of an Earth system modelling implementation plan for PoF-IV 

Team Leader: Luisa Cristini (AWI)

  • Task 4.3: Education

Team Leaders: Luisa Cristini (AWI) and Robert Sausen (DLR)

Expected results:

  • Long-term Earth system modelling strategy (2020–2040)
  • Implementation plan for Earth system modelling in PoF-IV (2020–2026)
  • Helmholtz Summer School on Earth System Modelling (6/2018)
  • Early career scientists with an excellent understanding of Earth system modelling