Work Package 3: Frontier simulations

The objective of this work package is to design, carry out and analyse a set of cutting-edge simulations, using the latest Earth system modelling technology, to provide solutions to grand challenges.


  • Task 3.1: Multiscale global change projections 
  • Task 3.2: Monsoon systems in a changing climate
  • Task 3.3: European hydro-meteorological extremes
  • Task 3.4: Cross-compartmental matter cycling: From land to sea
  • Task 3.5: Georeservoirs
  • Task 3.6: Data and HPC management 

Expected results:

  • Cutting-edge simulations that contribute to the solution of grand challenges
  • Provision of model data to the scientific community
  • Recommendations for the implementation of frontier simulations in PoF-IV