Work Package 1: Earth system model development

Work Package Leaders: Patrick Jöckel (DLR) and Gerrit Lohmann (AWI)

The objective of this work package is to enhance the fidelity of Earth system models by improving the realism of key processes in Earth system model compartments and by establishing a common framework that facilitates the coupling of different Earth system components.


  • Task 1.1: Enhanced Earth system compartments—Atmospheric systems

Team Leaders: Peter Braesicke (KIT) and Mattia Righi (DLR)

  • Task 1.2: Enhanced Earth system compartments—Ocean-cryosphere-biosphere systems

Team Leaders: Arne Biastoch (GEOMAR) and Corinna Schrum (HZG)

  • Task 1.3: Enhanced Earth system compartments—Terrestrial systems 

Team Leaders: Stefan Kollet (FZJ) and Luis Samaniego (UFZ)

  • Task 1.4: Enhanced Earth system compartments—Geosphere

Team Leaders: Thomas Kalbacher (UFZ) and Volker Klemann (GFZ)

  • Task 1.5: Coupling of Earth system compartments

Team Leaders: Patrick Jöckel (DLR) and Joanna Staneva (HZG)

Expected results:

  • Improved flexible sub-models for simulating atmospheric composition
  • Common atmospheric modelling framework for global and regional applications through the implementation of ICON
  • Thorougly evaluated modular modelling capacity for terrestrial systems
  • A two-way coupling of a dynamic vegetation model and atmospheric models
  • Implementation and testing of different approaches (nesting vs unstructured mesh modelling) to multiscale modelling in global and coastal ocean models
  • Implementation of a high resolution North Sea coupled atmosphere-ocean model, complemented by a process based parameterization of offshore wind farm impacts on the coupled physical-biological system
  • Novel multiscale geosphere module (from continents via basins to georeservoirs)
  • Common infrastructure for Earth system model coupling