Work Package 5: Earth System Model Diagnosis

Work Package Leaders: Robert Sausen (DLR) and Arne Biastoch (GEOMAR)

The objective of the work package is to establish new diagnostic capacities that will be used to directly confront Earth system model simulations with observations on irregular time-space grids. This will help to prioritize future directions for the model development, and will provide data to a wider group of scientists and stakeholders with easy to handle tools.


  • Task 5.1: Virtual observations in the simulated ocean

Team Leaders: Willi Rath (GEOMAR) and Nikolay Koldunov (AWI/MARUM)

  • Task 5.2: Online and offline capabilities for virtual atmospheric observations

Team Leaders: Patrick Jöckel (DLR) and Peter Braesicke (KIT)

  • Task 5.3: Virtual terrestrial systems (VTS): Application to MOSES event campaigns (hydrological extremes)

Team Leader: Olaf Kolditz (UFZ)

  • Task 5.4: Diagnostics for stakeholders

Team Leader: Corinna Schrum (HZG)

  • Task 5.5: Increment diagnostics for data assimilation

Team Leaders: Jan Saynisch (GFZ) and Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen (FZJ)

Expected Results:

  • Virtual field campaign capacity for high-resolution atmosphere, ocean and hydrological simulations;
  • Value-added information products, which can be derived based on the existing ESM infrastructure;
  • A generic methodology based on data assimilation to identify systematic increments and to use the identification to improve model state estimation, parametrization and initialization;
  • Improved understanding of systematic model errors by exploiting data assimilation;
  • Recommendations for model development activities in PoF-IV.