ESM Pills - Earth system modelling in small doses

As the Christmas holidays are just around the corner, you might just take a break from writing papers and doing research and have a look at our newly developed ESM Pills.

The ESM Pills, a poster series developed by the communication & outreach officers at AWI, aim to deliver simple explanations for various ESM-relevant topics. Scientists from all kind of disciplines, as well as students and everybody else who is interested in modelling in general, can inform themselves about what is going on in the world of modelers.

The first two posters of our series are now online and can be downloaded on our outreach page. The first one is about coupled models and gives an overview about the possibilities and challenges of coupled modelling. The Earth system and the interactions between its different spheres have also been illustrated. The second pill entitled “Understanding Modelling Terminologies” gives brief explanations for different keywords that are common in the everyday work of modelers.

More posters will be added in the upcoming weeks. If you like the posters, please share this with your colleagues and friends who might be interested in them as well. Also, we are happy for any kind of comment or suggestions for other topics.