ESM project at AGU18

Part of the AGU Fall Meeting 2015 poster hall (photo credits: AGU)

Only few days are left before the start of the AGU Fall Meeting 2018 (10-14 December 2018, Washington DC), the largest gathering of Earth scientists in the world. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the ample offer of talks, posters, seminars, debates, training activities and events so make sure you have the following abstracts and sessions presented by ESM Project partners on your radar. Find the abstract/session ID number in the AGU18 scientific programme and add them to your personal programme:

A41I-3081: Interactive versus prescribed ozone in the ICON-ART climate model: How is the spectrum of variability changing?

Jennifer Schroeter (KIT) 

G51E-0522: Uncertainties of Ocean Tide Models for Electromagnetic Inversion Studies

Jan Saynisch (GFZ)

GC13C-06: Revisiting European heat waves of the last 30 years with a physically consistent groundwater-to-atmosphere regional terrestrial system model.

Carina Furusho (FZJ)

GC31A-01 Anthropogenic soil moisture enhancement of heatwaves

Luis Samaniego (UFZ)

GC31F-1315 Impacts on winter wheat yield in Germany at 1°, 1.5°, 2°, 2.5° and 3° global warming

Michael Peichl (UFZ)

H31H-1983: Sensing global warming from oceanic magnetic signals with an artificial neural network

Jan Saynisch (GFZ)

H42F-07 Conditioning a Hydrological Model Using Patterns of Remotely Sensed Land Surface Temperature

Luis Samaniego (UFZ)

H44E Monitoring and Modeling Spatial Patterns in Hydrology: Integrating Distributed Earth Observations for the Seamless Calibration and Evaluation of Hydrological and Land Surface Models

Luis Samaniego (UFZ)

H51E-07 Cosmic-ray Soil Moisture Sensors: From stations to mobile platforms

Martin Schrön (UFZ)

H52E: Measuring evapotranspiration: in situ approaches and challenges

Harrie-Jan Hendricks Franssen (FZJ)

NG22A-06 A Hybrid Kalman-Nonlinear Ensemble Transform Filter

Lars Nerger (AWI)

NH33E-1054 The 2018 agricultural drought in Germany

Andreas Marx (UFZ)

OS41F-2086: Assimilation of satellite sea surface temperature data for a coupled ocean-atmosphere model

Qi Tang (AWI)

PA23F: Enhancing the Impact of Earth and Space Sciences Through Project and Research Community Management

Luisa Cristini (AWI)