ESM Tools Training Workshops

ESM-Tools training workshop at AWI Bremerhaven on the 11 June 2019. Photo credits: Luisa Cristini/AWI

On the 20-21 May and 11-12 June 2019, Dirk Barbi and Nadine Wieters (both AWI) held training workshops on the ESM-Tools for the ESM project partners at AWI in Bremerhaven. ESM-Tools is a software product developed and maintained at AWI as part of the ESM project. The aim of the software is to unify model infrastructure, giving a common framework for downloading, compiling, running and organising coupled or standalone models. The first version of the ESM-Tools was released in September 2018 and presented at the ESM General Assembly 2018 in Leipzig and since then users of the software have grown to 58 across all eight ESM project partners.

The training workshops targeted both beginner users as well as advanced users and aimed to give an introduction of the software as well as the opportunity to run model simulations and participate in the development process. The workshops were attended by a total of 24 participants across the two sessions.

Further training will be organised in July 2019 (dates TBC) at AWI in Potsdam (for information, please contact Dirk.Barbi (at)

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