New Project Website for ExaESM

Earth system models are important tools for assessing the magnitude and impacts of future climate change. Such models have to run in ever finer resolutions in order to capture extreme events, which, in turn, are often responsible for the majority of weather-related and environmental impacts. Therefore, Earth system models require a huge increase in computer power, which is difficult to achieve because of the disruptive evolution of supercomputing technology. To enable big simulations on such gigantic machines necessitates close collaboration between Earth system modellers and computer scientists.

The PilotLab ExaESM (PL-ExaESM) offers a platform where these two communities can meet and interact to build the next-generation Earth system models. To facilitate this process and coordinate the operations, the PL-ExaESM has now a brand-new online place to call home. The new website has been brought online recently to host all relevant information regarding PL-ExaESM, its activities and latest updates. The website is hosted by the Jülich Supercomputing centre and will be the central hub to gather and disseminate information on the project’s effort to enable exascale readiness of Earth System models and associated workflows in Earth System science.

For the official launch of the website, a new ESM Pill has been developed through a collaboration between the ESM and the PL-ExaESM coordination offices. If you are curious to know more about the project and are looking for a condensed documents of informative materials, check out our Outreach materials for download on the dedicated page.