Helmholtz strengthens system competences in energy and environmental research

Snapshot of surface currents (in m/s) in a high-resolution (1/20°) ocean/sea-ice model of the subpolar North Atlantic (VIKING20), nested in a global model at coarser (1/4°) resolution. Sea-ice coverage is shaded in white. Figure provided by GEOMAR (Arne Biastoch).

Helmholtz Association's press release for the start of the ESM Project (in German only)

Climate change and sustainable energy supply are two of the great challenges faced by mankind. The interplay of land, water and atmosphere, for example, is highly complex and is still insufficiently understood to derive reliable predictions for the Earth system. With a new system of earth systems, science can develop methods and tools that provide the decision-makers with the necessary action. And in order to successfully control the energy demand, we need an intelligent integration of the various components of our energy system. The research of the Helmholtz Association contributes significantly to the solution of both challenges. That is why it is now promoting two new "future" themes.

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