Online training course "Introduction to the usage and programming of supercomputer resources in Jülich"

A three-day training course is going to be offered on 18-20 May 2020 by the Research Centre Jülich on programming and usage of the supercomputing resources in FZJ.

The course will take place online and will provide an overview for users and researchers who want to make use of the high-performance computing resources of the centre. The syllabus includes (among other topics) an introduction on supercomputing systems, JURECA and JUWELS architectures, GPU usage, libraries and application softwares.

At this link you can find the full agenda ans the link to register to the course.

The ESM project has a dedicated share in the JUWELS cluster for scientific software implementation, production runs and preparation of ensuing frontier simulations. All information regarding the ESM partition at the Research Centre Jülich can be found on the Intranet.