Strengthening cooperation between DLR, AWI and the University of Bonn

From left to right: Patrick Jöckel, Astrid Kerkweg, Bastian Kern, Sabine Brinkop, Matthias Nützel

During a 3-days visit (January 16-18, 2019) at DLR, Dr. Astrid Kerkweg from the University of Bonn introduced the new MESSy (Modular Earth Submodel System) submodel "OASIS3MCT", which combines the MESSy infrastructure with the widely used OASIS3-MCT external coupler.

The coupler library OASIS3-MCT has been successfully implemented into the MESSy environment by Dr. Astrid Kerkweg from the University of Bonn, an associated University partner of the HGF-ESM project.  Within the HGF-ESM project, OASIS3-MCT will be used to couple the FESOM2 ocean compartment (Finite-volumE Sea ice-Ocean Model) with the chemistry-climate model EMAC within the MESSy framework. FESOM2 is developed by colleagues at the Alfred-Wegener Institut (AWI), who also support this newly coupled system. OASIS3-MCT can also be applied to couple other compartments. During this 3-day workshop, the new features of the MESSy code were presented and discussed for the intended application.  The coupling of the chemistry-climate model EMAC with the FESOM2 ocean model provides a further step towards a chemistry enabled Earth System Model (ESM) in the MESSy environment.