10th Anniversary of the EMAC Symposium 2021

For the 10th anniversary of the EMAC symposium 2021, more than

  • 80 scientists from
  • 6 different countries and
  • 15 research institutions

gathered online from May 31 to June 2.

They presented and discussed their newest developments and scientific results achieved with the community chemistry-climate model tool „The Modular Earth Submodel System MESSy“.

46 scientific contributions of active MESSy modellers and of 6 invited speakers provided the basis for lively discussions on current research topics and for exchange and development of new ideas for chemistry-climate modelling. In addition to the 6 invited talks and 7 solicited presentations on new MESSy developments, the researchers first presented their work in 2-minute lightning talks and in the following discussed details and answered questions in break-out rooms. The program of the symposium was completed with on-line coffee breaks, a MESSy quiz at the icebreaker and a discussion round in the end that shall help to shape the future of the popular chemistry-climate model system.

MESSy is a software framework for standardised, bottom-up implementation of Earth System Models featuring

  • more than 60 submodels,
  • connection to 4 different base models (ECHAM, CESM1, COSMO-CLM, ICON),
  • coupling to 2 operational ocean models,
  • comprehensive chemistry submodels,
  • 3 Lagrangian models,
  • operational modes of different complexity and
  • an air traffic simulator.

Moreover, MESSy can be operated in local, regional and global modes to consistently bridge the gap from process level understanding to climate model projections. The flexible and modular infrastructure of MESSy also allows its developers to construct a version without legacy model and such, a fully open source version is going to be achieved.