The time has come: brace yourself for EGU 2020

Picture Credits: EGU/Foto Pfluegl

While you read this, you might still be on your way back from San Francisco, with your mind full of inspiration and your spirit lifted up by renewed motivation. Big conferences like AGU surely can boost your scientific creativity and spark new ideas and collaborations.

Why not get on a roll and start planning the next big event?

The European Geosciences Union (EGU), Europe’s largest geoscience event, is having its annual general assembly from the 3rd to the 8th of May 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

But do not worry. We do not want you to get overwhelmed by the rich programme and to save you some browsing fatigue, we prepared a list of interesting sessions and events organized by members of the ESM community.

Check out this list and consider submitting your own inputs to these sessions. Remember: the deadline for submissions is January 15th, 2020!

Co-organized: AS5/BG2/NP5/OS4

Convener: Harrie-Jan Hendricks-Franssen; Co-Convener: Gebrielle De Lannoy, Lars Nerger, Insa Neuweiler, Clemens Simmerin

Convener: Harald Kunstmann; Co- Convener: Martin Drews, Stefan Kollet, Alfonso Senatore

Convener: Xun Gong; Co- Convener: Lester Lembke-Jene, Gerrit Lohmann, Xuefa Shi

Convener: Daniela Henkel; Co- Convener: Luisa Cristini, Sylvia Walter

Convener: Sylvia Walter; Co- Convener: Daniela Henkel, Luisa Cristini

Convener: Inge de Graaf; Co-conveners: David Hannah, Shannon Sterling, Ruud van der EntECS, Oldrich Rakovec

Convener: Torben Koenigk; Co- Convener: Neven-Stjepan Fuckar, Yongqi Gao, Helge Goessling

Convener: Joakim Kjellsson; Co-Convener: Kristofer Döös, Bror Jönsson

Convener: Léon Chafik; Co-conveners: Joakim Kjellsson, Iselin Medhaug, Gilles Reverdin

Some of the following sessions might be interesting for you, too!

Convener: Yevgeny Aksenov; Co- Convener: Paul A. Dodd, Céline Heuzé, Krissy Reeve

Convener: Werner Bauer; Co- Convener: Christian Kühnlein, Jemma Shipton, Hiroe Yamazaki

Convener: Bouwe Andela; Co- Convener: Lee de Mora, Niels Drost, Valeriu Predoi, Klaus Zimmermann

Convener: Rachel Tilling; Co- Convener: Sophie Berger, Bert Wouters, Bas Altena, Amandine Guillot

Convener: Konstanze Haubner; Co- Convener: Rupert Gladstone, Stefanie Mack, Shuting Yang, Yoshihiro Nakayama

…and much more will be presented! Head over to the EGU’s general assembly website, to search for further exciting sessions: and